A Brief Rindge Woman's Club History

Organized: 1967
Incorporated: 2005
Member of State Federation: 1968-2005
Club Colors: Blue and White

Our club had its beginnings in the Fall of 1967 when several Rindge women who were members of the Jaffrey Woman's Club felt that the time was ripe for the formation of a Rindge club and that a need existed.  At the time nearly twenty Rindge women belonged to the Jaffrey club.

June Danforth, who was then President of the Jaffrey club, along with Peg Brummer, a former President of that club, Helen Snow, Vice President, Gwen Fredey, Kay Wilkinson, and others, talked to individuals and groups who might be interested in forming a club. Several preliminary meetings were held among a few of the interested women.

The first recorded meeting was held January 10, 1968, in the town hall with eleven women present.

Excerpt from Rindge Woman's Club 1968-1978 by Clara Seymour.

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Laura Baldwin
Margaret Brummer
Barbara Burt
Shirley Burt
Isabel Burton
Elsie Chase
Margaret Clarke
Elsa Cornell
Eleanor Coppers
Charlotte Crosby
June Danforth
Martha Faulkner
Dorothy Flagg
Gwen Fredey
Edith French
Mary Gilmore​
Janet Gordon
Carrie Gray
Martha Hale
Past Presidents and Chairs
Honor Roll
1971    June Danforth*+
1973    Helen Snow*+
1976    Clara Seymour*+
1977    Peg Brummer*+
1977    Virginia Salame
1977    Alice Stearns*+
1977    Jean White+
1978    Linda Tower
​1978    Elsie Chase*+
1980    Barbara Wells
1981    Marabeth Farmer+
1983    Jeanne Carguilo
1985    Lila Burbank+
1985    Barbara Rice*+
1987    Hazel Allen+
1991    Janet Wilkinson
1992    Adrienne Hudson
1997    Eileen Hunt
1997    Roberta DeWaters
1997    Elizabeth Hardy
1998    Shirley Burt*+
1998    Midge Gosling+
1999    Lois May
1999    Ann Winsor
1968-1970    June Danforth*+
1970-1972    Helen Snow*+
1972-1974    Clara Seymour*+
1974-1976    Virginia Salame
1976-1978    Linda Blake Tower
1978-1980    Marabeth Farmer+
1980-1982    Jeanne Carguilo
1982-1984    Lila Burbank+
1984-1987    Ann Winsor+
1987-1990    Janet Wilkinson
1990-1992    Midge Gosling+
1992-1994    Eileen Hunt
​1994-1996    Roberta DeWaters Gaudet
1996-1998    Susan Wadsworth
1998-2000    Joyce Derendal+
Charter Members
Janeal Ravndal
Amy Raymond
Florence Rhuland
Barbara Rice
Mildred Semonite
Clara Seymour
Sibyl Sloane​
Helen Snow
Evelyne Starrett
Alice Sterns
Kathryn Stewart
Carlene Taylor
Bertha Todd
Florence Whippie
Patricia Whitaker
Katherine Wilkinson
Ila Witty
Berit Wolcott

​Ruth Hayden
Ruth Haynes
Phyllis Holt
Bernice Knight
Clara Landry
Leona Letourneau
Lorna Letourneau
Kay MacLeod
Louise MacNeil
Carolyn Madden
Marion Madden
Laura McKenney
Alice Melville
Barbara Nichols
Elizabeth Pangborn
Dorothy Pangborn
Joan Pasquale
Kathryn Patenaude
Christine Phillips

2000-2004    Shirley Burt*+
2004-2006    Jeannette Gutteridge
2006-2008    Jean Kundert
2008-2010    Rose Smiga-St. Cyr
2008-2010    Linda Blake Tower
2010-2012    Janet Kolmorgen
2012-2014    Linda Pickering
2012-2014    Marla Taylor
2014-2016    Jeanne Carguilo &
                        Debbie Qualey
2016-2018    Cynthia Childs &
                        Janet Goodrich
2018-2020    Debbie Qualey
2020-2022    Board as a Collective
2022-2024    Maura Keegan

*Charter Member    +Deceased
2001    Rae DuVernay
2001    Phyllis Groezinger
2002    Jeannette Gutteridge
2004    Mary Gilmore*+
2008    Jean Kundert
2008    Carol Bramblett
2009    Patricia Buckingham
2009    Rose Dark
2010    Patricia Martin
2010    Rose Smiga-St.Cyr
​2011    Polly Mellin
2011    Mabel Speckman+
2012    Janet Kohlmorgen
2012    Jane Hannon+
2013    Cynthia Childs
2013    Ronalee Hietala
2014    Linda Pickering
2014    Mary Taylor
2015    Marie Powley-Quinlan
2015    Amy Raymond*
2016    Maureen Mullins
2016    Debbie Qualey
*Charter Member    +Deceased
Beginning in 2018, the Honor Roll designation will be replaced by the Distinguished Service Award.  Criteria for this award are:

The Rindge Woman's Club Distinguished Service Award shall be awarded (once) to a member in good standing for her dedication to the principles and aims of the Rindge Woman's Club.  Nominations for this award may be submitted by any member of the club to the RWC Board of Directors prior to their April meeting.  The Board will recognize the recipient of this award at the May Annual Meeting.

​2019    Marilyn Griska
2020    Janet Goodrich
2020    Phyllis Sesia
2021    Rae DuVernay
2021    Sarah Dengler
2022    Ottoway Marshall
2023    Patricia "Trish" Buckingham
Distinguished Service Award
1980 RWC Officers:
Front row: Jeanne Carguilo, Lila Burbank, Linda Tower 
Back row: Barbara Wells, Marabeth Farmer, Peg Brummer
Group photo taken at 2022 Holiday Luncheon